Take down the Christmas decorations
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Cleaning up after Christmas

All those Christmas preparations may have drained you out, but keep in mind that, no matter how tired you are, you need to save some of that energy for cleaning up once Christmas is over.

Putting on all the decorations, the lights, and the ornaments does take you time and energy but, taking them for storing doesn’t take you any creativity. Right?

Put a smile upon your face 🙂

Nobody likes to put away the Christmas ornaments but you can definitely do it better and easier if you have a positive attitude while doing it.

No matter how overwhelming you may find the work, try to enjoy it as much as you can. Put on some music, listen to something cheerful and bring a new vibe to your home after Christmas.

It’s also a good thing to have mini-goals so that’s easier for you to focus. Make a list on your mind or write it down:

  • Pull together all the ornaments
  • Bring in the tote boxes and place them into categories
  • Remove the outdoor Christmas lights
  • Clean up the dinner table

Don’t forget to reward yourself as you work. After all, it’s nice to sip a cup of hot tea from time to time, right?

Another thing you may want to do is to arrange a big box in your laundry room to fill it with all the things you’re not planning to use anymore. From the games, toys and the ornaments that are out of your style, feel free to fill the box with all the things you are willing to give away.

Take down the Christmas decorations nice and slowly

You’re not under pressure now that Christmas is over so you should take the tree down slowly and carefully. As you want to store your ornaments for the next years, here are some tips to have them nice and organized over the year:

  • Minimize the risk of the Christmas lights tangling by wrapping them around the empty tubes from the wrapping paper that you used for the gifts few week ago. You should loop the cord around the roll, from the side opposite to the plug. Finish by inserting the plug into the tube’s opening.

If you didn’t keep the gift wraps tubes, don’t worry. Some paper towel tubes are going to work too.

  • Don’t forget to wrap nice and tight all the ornaments the second you took them down. You may very well use some wrapping and tissue paper to wrap the ornaments and only place them in their boxes afterwards.

christmas decorarion storage

You may add some more cushioning by placing the tree skirt at the bottom of the storage box and layer your ornaments on top. Don’t forget to put some tissue paper between all the layers.

Take a look at the carpet and furniture too

You should check the furniture and the carpets for stains. The longer the spot stays, the harder for you it’s going to be to remove it. You may use some warm water and mild dishwashing liquid and spray it lightly over the spot. You should blot with a paper towel and keep spraying and blotting until you no longer see the stain.

Don’t forget to rinse with some clear water and blot again. You should also fluff the pile and let it dry.

Get rid of old stuff

We’re sure you got some great stuff this year for Christmas, but you may not need all of them any time soon. Now it’s a good chance for you to get right of the old ones and give them away. You may also get your kids involved and race them to see which ones is first to pack the old toys.

Don’t forget the old rule about rotating the toys for your kids. With all the new toys they got for Christmas, now it’s a good time to put some of the old ones in garage and let them play for a while with the new ones.

Leave something behind

Keeping for display one of the Christmas ornaments is a nice reminder of the nice times that you just had. It can be something small and simple (even a paper chain may work) or anything sophisticated. No matter your choice, that Christmas reminder may be the glue for many moments over the year ahead.

Double-check the tree

If you used a real tree this Christmas, a good way to see if there are any other ornaments left behind, you may roll it and check carefully for any ornaments. If you did forget to take them all out, check them before storing them as they may have been damaged from rolling the tree around.

Get the extra-hands

Try to get your kids involved and make all of the cleaning sound amazing. Even if taking down the Christmas ornaments isn’t the funniest thing around, you can still turn it into a nice activity with your little ones. Give them specific roles: one is wrapping, one is sorting them, and one is rolling the garland and so on. After all, it’s an occasion for them to reward all the nice presents and times they just got for Christmas.

Does your house look bigger now?

You don’t really see how much space all the Christmas decorations take until you put them away. All the house seems a lot more organized and it’s definitely cluster-free. Your living room may seem bigger once the Christmas tree is out of the way and the whole house may get a fresh, clean feel.

You are blessed

We’re not very thankful for all the moments that we just had. You’re lucky to have had all the family around for Christmas or the freedom to celebrate the winter holidays the way you want it. You have your health, the friends and family and presents are nice too.

As long as you’re seeing the cleaning after Christmas as a lesson of gratitude, everything is going to get a lot easier. Not all of us have the money to decorate the house for Christmas in the first place.

Have fun watching the video “Cleaning and saying goodbye to the Christmas decorations” by Jamie Bittinger: